Commemorating 7 years of Chicago Community Bond Fund

November 21, 2022 marks the 7th anniversary of Chicago Community Bond Fund’s public launch, and we’ve used this occasion to reflect on all the work our community has done. In these past seven years, CCBF volunteers, staff, and allies working on our advocacy efforts have won huge steps towards pretrial justice by limiting the use of money bond through General Order 18.8A and passing the Pretrial Fairness Act. Meanwhile, those supporting the revolving fund have freed over 750 people from jail, including hundreds who were criminalized for defending Black lives in 2020.

CCBF has been paying bond for seven years, and thanks to the Pretrial Fairness Act, we will not have to pay bond for another seven. We envision a world where people are not locked in cages, and where no one is punished for where they live or who they are. 

That vision will not be realized by just paying another $5 million in bond—or even from $20 million. True change will come when the systems of money bond and pretrial incarceration end, and when the parents, children, siblings, and other community members locked up in Cook County Jail and jails everywhere are free.

We will be continuing the struggle for abolition and pretrial justice after the Pretrial Fairness Act is implemented, and we need support to continue our work. Here are some ways you can fuel the fight to end pretrial incarceration:

Make a one-time or monthly contribution at Become a monthly sustainer by clicking “monthly” as you make a donation. 

Increase your existing monthly donation by $5. 

Follow and take action with the Coalition to End Money Bond at!

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