Quarterly Update: Bonds Paid in 2022

CCBF wants to remain transparent and accountable to the community that makes our work possible. Therefore, we will continue to provide public updates on the operations of our Revolving Fund. Our last detailed update can be found here.

From April 1st to July 1, 2022, CCBF paid over $247,500 to free 47 people from pretrial incarceration.

These requests came through our hotline, our partnership with Believers Bail Out, and through referrals from other community partners. In addition to paying bonds, we provide post-release support to people we bond out who are still fighting their cases, including those subjected to restrictive pretrial conditions such as electronic monitoring.

One highlight of the quarter was the collaboration among CCBF, partner organizations, and other bond funds in order to support individuals with high bonds with extenuating circumstances. Through a collaborative effort in May, CCBF’s Revolving Fund, Believers Bail Out, Michigan Solidarity Bail Fund, and the National Bail Fund Network (NBFN) were able to assist with a bond for a criminalized survivor. Also this spring, CCBF posted bond through collaborative efforts for someone being criminalized at the intersection of the immigration and criminal legal systems. The Revolving Fund worked with the Reproductive Legal Defense Fund and the NBFN in order to ensure this person’s freedom. These acts of solidarity continue to show the powerful impact our movement can have in the face of systemic harm and isolation.

In recognition of the full implementation of the Pretrial Fairness Act in 2023 and in solidarity with the community, CCBF also created a separate fund called the Mass Bail Out Fund. It is designed to streamline the process for bonds with $5,000 dollars or less without electronic monitoring. This has allowed the Revolving Fund team to move quicker on small bonds and to increase support for higher level bonds through our regular funds. 

Because of these community partnerships and your support, we can continue providing assistance to people seeking to free their loved ones from pretrial incarceration in Cook County and beyond. We remain grateful to all our donors and the larger movement that makes our work possible, and we will continue to pay bonds and fight for pretrial freedom in our communities.

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