We Mourn the Loss of Iver Short’s Life While Held in Cook County Jail

 In General

On or around March 11, 2021, Iver D. Short died while incarcerated at Cook County Jail. Mr. Short was 52 years old and was detained for less than 48 hours. On March 11, 2021, Judge Charles Beach II granted Mr. Short an I-Bond, which meant that he did not need to pay any money before being released, but he remained detained due to an out-of-county warrant. Mr. Short passed away from unknown causes before his release. 

Pretrial incarceration—regardless of length—is harmful to people being detained. The Bureau of Justice statistics found that 41% of deaths in jails occur within the first week of pretrial incarceration. This is the reason it is so critical to not take lightly the practice of putting people in jail, especially when they are legally presumed innocent. During the pandemic and at any time, a sentence to pretrial incarceration can easily become a death sentence. And lives are too precious to be placed in such dire circumstances with such high stakes. 

Iver D. Short should still be here with us. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones, and we commit to continue fighting for justice and dignity for all people who are impacted by pretrial incarceration. 

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