Update on Bonds Paid Since August 12th

 In General

To honor our ongoing commitments to transparency and accountability to the larger community that makes all our work possible, we want to provide an update on how CCBF has been supporting people arrested in connection with recent Black Lives Matter uprisings as well as other bonds that we’ve paid since our last update on August 12th.

Since that date, CCBF has paid $293,245 to free 66 people in five Illinois counties, including 65 bonds to free people who were arrested while supporting the Black Lives Matter movement or otherwise rejecting police violence against Black people. We continue to be very active in supporting people with uprising-related cases across the state of Illinois. Since August 12th, we have paid bond for four people in Vermilion County, one person in Stephenson County, 10 people in Winnebago County, two people in Dekalb County, and 49 people in Cook County. 

So far in 2020, CCBF has paid a total of $1,071,220 in bond to free 218 people incarcerated in Cook County Jail or on house arrest with electronic monitoring. We have paid an additional $428,745 in bond to free 48 people from other counties across the state. Finally, CCBF was also proud to work with partners to pay $400,000 to free trafficking survivor Chrystul Kizer from jail in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Thanks to your support, we continue to have the resources to free everyone arrested in conjunction with the Black Lives Matter movement in Illinois. We remain grateful to all our donors and the larger movement that makes our work possible, and we will continue to pay bonds as needed. 

Due to your generous support over the last six months, we want to remind people that CCBF does not need more donations at this time. Please continue to direct new financial support to grassroots community organizers!

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