Digital Release: “Reclaiming the Crown”

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Devoureaux Wolf, better known as King Detro, is Chicago’s footwork king. Reigning from Chicago’s West Side, Devoureaux has won countless dance competitions, hosted WalaCam, and started Dance N Out, a program aimed at bringing kids off of the street and onto the dance floor. In April 2016, the King was assaulted by Chicago police officers who then arrested and charged him with assaulting them. The King was sent to Cook County Jail, not because he had been convicted of crime but simply because he couldn’t afford to pay the $3,000 bond that was the price tag on his freedom. Due to his incarceration awaiting trial, Devoureaux lost his housing, his connection with the community he served, and he nearly lost his career.


On December 18, 2018, Chicago Community Bond Fund and Sensitive Visuals are proud to digitally release “Reclaiming the Crown: The Footwork King’s Battle with Money Bail” a short documentary film capturing the story of Devoureaux’s battle with money bail and pretrial incarceration. Get ready to join Devoureaux on his journey from the dance floor to Cook County Jail and back to his spot on the throne.

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