Courtwatch Movement Goes National

“‘Right now we have this really powerful national movement for bail reform and a lot of terrific momentum,’ Sharlyn Grace, the co-executive director of the Chicago Community Bail Fund, pointed out. ‘Because of that public pressure, we have systems that are trying to make changes and say that they’ve met the demands of the people.’

In response, the job for advocates is transforming from demanding reform to holding these systems accountable.

‘For elected officials, all of the benefits of adopting a reform or championing a reform happen when it’s announced,’ Grace explained. ‘Very rarely do people come back a year later and say, “How is this actually going?” Court watching keeps the pressure on to follow through, she said. … ‘We know there’s a big difference to change a policy on paper than to change a practice in courtrooms.'”

We love to be featured alongside our co-strugglers and the inspiring organizers from Massachusetts Bail Fund, Courtwatch NYC (Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, Voices Of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL-NY), & 5 Borough Defenders), & Court Watch NOLA!

Read the article in The Appeal here!

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