CCBF Pays Bail for Doris

Last September, CCBF posted $3,100 to free Doris from Cook County Jail. Doris is 66 years old and a resident of Chicago’s South Side. She was charged with welfare fraud crimes and spent almost one month in jail because she could not afford her bond. Doris was given a $31,000 bond (requiring payment of 10% of that amount) despite the fact that she had no significant criminal background. While inside, she was one of the oldest women in her division. Doris had to visit CCJ’s medical unit several times per week for her high blood pressure and other health issues.

Just thirty days of pretrial incarceration causes people to lose access to essential benefits such as social security and disability payments, medicaid, and other necessary supports. It can take months to get these supports resumed once a person gets out, which disrupts access to medical care and other necessities. That delay severely hinders the ability of people incarcerated pretrial to get back on their feet when they get out, and can cause them to lose their housing. Thankfully, in Doris’s situation, CCBF was able to post bond for her before this 30-day mark, preventing a lapse in her social security benefits.

Last month, Doris’ case resolved when she pled guilty and was sentenced to probation, meaning she will not go back to jail. By posting Doris’ bond, CCBF prevented her from having to spend an additional six months in Cook County Jail. Doris’ bond money is now returning to CCBF’s revolving fund, where it will be used to get someone else out of jail or house arrest in the future!

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