On April 4th, CCBF posted bond to free Cody and Ron from Cook County Jail. They were both arrested on Saturday, April 1st at a Hood2Hood community engagement program and neighborhood cleanup in Englewood organized by New Era Detroit (NED) and New Era Chicago (NEC). Both New Era chapters organize for Black unity and empowerment. During the event, organizers knocked on neighborhood doors to inform Englewood residents of local resources in their community and picked up trash to help clean up the neighborhood.

As the program was drawing to a close, Chicago police physically attacked the organizers and arrested nine people, including two minors. Four people, including Cody and Ron, were charged with felony aggravated battery to police officers and misdemeanor resisting arrest. All four were given significant bonds at bond court on Monday, April 3rd. The New Era Detroit and Chicago chapters were able to post $6,000 in bond for two of their members charged with felonies, but Ron’s bond was set at $50,000 and Cody’s was set at $30,000. On Tuesday, CCBF posted the ten percent of their bonds required to free both from Cook County Jail. Below you can read NED’s press release about the arrests prior to the posting of bond. Everyone arrested at the Hood2Hood program is now out of custody!

CCBF proudly stands in support of liberation movements facing police repression for organizing against community disinvestment and white supremacy.
“CHICAGO, IL – Several members of New Era Detroit (NED) and New Era Chicago (NEC)–the flagship chapters of the New Era Nation–were violently attacked & arrested by officers of the Chicago Police Department during their first#Hood2Hood community engagement program this past weekend.

The planned event was going well. NED and NEC members had spent the day cleaning and removing blight from several Chicago neighborhoods. They spoke to several residents & delivered a message of unity, hope, and empowerment. They also denounced the self-destructive violence impacting Chicagoans and other communities of color around the country. ‘Love of self’ was the message of the day; it was black, it was beautiful, and it was peaceful.

That’s when the Chicago police arrived and everything changed.

Witnesses reported that between 30-45 police officers, without provocation or warning, began beating members with their clubs, taking and destroying all Pan-African flags, screaming profanities, racial slurs, and shoving anyone in the area not wearing a police uniform. Some officers deployed their department issued Tasers. Others pointed their guns at anyone who wasn’t law enforcement. A Chicago fireman heard an officer issue a warning to the group: ‘This ends today. You guys and your fucking flags. Expect this every time we see you!’ Nine individuals were arrested & charged with felony counts of Aggravated Battery of a Peace Officer. Five were released the same day.

However, four members of the Detroit chapter–Zeek, Momma K, Cody, and Ron–remain in Chicago police custody. Each arrestee’s ten percent bonds have been set for $30,000 to $50,000.

The Detroit chapter’s legal team was able to secure legal assistance through attorneys from the National Lawyers Guild of Chicago who have committed to providing on-going legal support for those charged with felonies. ‘This is why we exist,’ Attorney Max Suchan, National Lawyers Guild of Chicago Mass Defense Coordinator, said. ‘We are dedicated to helping groups who are doing movement work whenever we can.'”


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