There is an uprising happening across the country following the murders of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department, Breonna Taylor by the Louisville Police Department, and Tony McDade by the Tallahassee Police Department and decades of police violence against Black, Native, Brown, and other communities. People are understandably outraged and mourning the many lives lost to police violence and white supremacy.

Chicago Community Bond Fund is in awe of the amount of donations we have received in the last few weeks. Over 250,000 people have generously ensured we have over $5 million available to pay bond for people arrested right now and eventually end money bail and pretrial incarceration.

It is our intention and hope to pay bond for everyone arrested at the protests right now. We have publicly committed to that here and also have a long history of paying bond for people arrested at demonstrations, particularly protests against police violence. If not all of the funds raised are needed to pay bonds for protesters in Cook County, we will work to ensure they are used elsewhere or by local partners.

We encourage people to generously donate to other Chicago organizations, such as Circles & Ciphers, Black Lives Matter Chicago, Chicago Freedom School, Assata’s Daughters, Brave Space Alliance, Equity and Transformation, and many others building power and working towards abolition.

Black lives matter, and we will continue to support everyone fighting to realize that truth.

If you still wish to support CCBF, you can donate here:

Checks can be mailed to Chicago Community Bond Fund, 601 S. California, Chicago, IL 60612.

The Chicago Community Bond Fund is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation is tax-deductible. Please consider donating today, and contact us with any questions.

Checks can be mailed to Chicago Community Bond Fund, 601 S. California, Chicago, IL 60612.

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