Update on Bonds Paid in 2023

CCBF provides public updates on the operations of our Revolving Fund to remain transparent and accountable to the community that makes our work possible. 

From April 5th, 2023, to June 29th, 2023 CCBF paid $153,500 to free 14 people from pretrial incarceration.

These requests came through community partners, referrals, and our hotline. Our criteria of accepting cases that present extenuating circumstances due to health and identity remain the same. We continue to post irregularly due to capacity and need. At this time we aren’t accepting new requests for assistance to pay bond ahead of our office’s closure for Wellness Week in early August. 

Highlights for the past quarter:

This year CCBF has paid bonds less frequently, but in prioritizing cases with extenuating circumstances, we have been able to pay higher bonds for individuals with particularized needs. CCBF has posted bonds for four trans folks since April and one pregnant youth who was in their third trimester. We were able to connect folks to supportive housing and other resources for many of the folks whose bonds we paid.

Because of your support and our community partnerships, we can continue to fight and provide both bond and post-release support to individuals wanting to free their loved ones from pretrial incarceration. Nobody deserves to fight for their freedom behind bars, and CCBF is here to make sure to advocate for people within our communities. 

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