Mourning Deon Lee, the Second Person to Die in Cook County Jail This Month

On August 13th, Deon Lee died at Cook County Jail, the second person known to have died in the jail this month. Deon was 30 years old. 

According to the Chicago Sun Times, the exact cause of Deon’s death is unknown and is being investigated. It was reported that the Sheriff’s office disclosed that Deon was already experiencing many medical conditions prior to his death. 

We are saddened to share the news of Deon’s death as we also continue to mourn the death of Alteriq Pleasant who died on August 2nd in Cook County Jail. Deon deserved to be in a safe place where he received the care he needed for his medical conditions, not caged in a cell. 

Pretrial incarceration has repeatedly turned medical conditions into death sentences by removing people from the care of their families and communities and depriving them of quality and attentive treatment. Had Deon been granted his pretrial freedom, perhaps he might still be with us today.

As we carry Deon’s name in our hearts, we send Deon’s family our love and support while we continue our fight for the freedom of all people in Cook County Jail and across Illinois.

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