CCBF Helps People Incarcerated in Cook County Jail Receive Stimulus Checks

 In General

On Friday, CCBF mailed approximately 3,000 stimulus check applications from people incarcerated in Cook County Jail! The previous week, we printed and distributed 5,600 applications, enough to reach every person in the jail. This will allow people to access the vital $1,200 checks made available to non-incarcerated people last spring.

Thanks to our friends at Uptown People’s Law Center for inspiring us to do this and for providing the template materials we used! If you haven’t already, you can still support UPLC’s effort to get stimulus applications to all 35,000+ people in Illinois prisons by donating here.

In September, a federal judge had ruled that incarcerated people were entitled to receive CARES Act stimulus checks, which the IRS had previously denied them. Learn more about the lawsuit here.

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