CCBF Statement in Support Of Chicago Torture Justice Memorial

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Our friends at Chicago Torture Justice Memorials (CTJM) need your help! 

Chicago Community Bond Fund wrote a public statement of support for the creation of a permanent and public memorial, which you can read below. Please join us in urging the city to fulfill the last key component of the reparations ordinance

You can learn more about Chicago Torture Justice Memorials’ important work at and sign their petition here. You can also tweet your support using the hashtag #MemorializeChiReparations. 

Statement in Support Of Chicago Torture Justice Memorial

Chicago Community Bond Fund enthusiastically supports the creation of a permanent and public Chicago Torture Justice Memorial. As an organization dedicated to freeing people incarcerated while awaiting trial, we understand the long lasting effects that incarceration and police violence can have on Chicagoans. This is especially true for Black people, who have disproportionately experienced state violence of every kind. We look to Chicago Torture Justice Memorials as a model of transformative community organizing and healing justice. It has now been five years since the reparations ordinance passed in Chicago’s City Council. It is past time for the creating of a permanent public memorial acknowledging the police torture that was inflicted upon Black people in Chicago for decades.

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