Call Mayor Lightfoot and State’s Attorney Foxx to Demand They Drop the Charges Against BLM Protesters!

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Last week, more than 3,000 people were arrested in Chicago while participating in #BlackLivesMatter protests. Jurisdictions across the country such as Los Angeles, Manhattan, and more have begun dropping charges against demonstrators. We are calling on Mayor Lightfoot and State’s Attorney Foxx to join them and drop all charges related to the #BlackLivesMatter protests, including charges connected to violation of the draconian curfew that was imposed by the city.

Call Mayor Lori Lightfoot at (312) 744-3300 and email at to demand she 1) Drop the charges; and 2) Defund the Chicago Police Department.

Email State’s Attorney Kim Foxx at to demand that she drop charges against protesters and people who were arrested with charges connected to curfew violations.

These protests are happening because our system is devaluing and disregarding Black lives. Police do not keep people safe. To the contrary, Black people continue to be murdered by police with impunity even after years of protest and countless commissions, hearings, and hollow reforms. Jails and prisons also do not keep people safe. Creating true community safety requires investing in schools, health care, mental health services, living wage jobs, food access, housing, and more. Instead of addressing these underlying issues, Chicago police responded to protests triggered by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery by doubling down on the same racist police violence that led to this crisis in the first place.

For more on what defunding Chicago Police means, watch this video by Black Lives Matter Chicago and visit

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