CCBF Stands in Solidarity with the Chicago Teachers Union

Chicago Community Bond Fund is proud to stand in solidarity with the Chicago Teachers Union. Abolition is not simply the absence of jails and prisons; it is also the presence of the things our communities actually need to be safe, such as schools, mental health care, housing, and a strong social safety net. Too often, elected officials tell impacted people that there isn’t enough money in the budget to fund these essential services, but we all know this is simply untrue. The money is available and is instead being used to police and incarcerate marginalized communities and enrich corporations and gentrifiers. Right now, the City of Chicago spends 40% of its annual budget on the Chicago Police Department, totaling over $4 million per day. Diverting even a small portion of CPD’s budget could fund the absolutely necessary improvements that CTU is fighting for.  

CCBF knows that safe communities begin with high-quality, well-resourced neighborhood schools. We support the Chicago Teachers Union’s demands for smaller class sizes, school nurses and social workers in every school as well as affordable housing. See you all on the picket line!

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