RIP Edward Robinson

On September 19, 2018, Edward Robinson died in the Lake County Jail. He was just 32 years old.

Mr. Robinson’s death was publicly announced on September 21st, but Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran waited until October 3rd to provide more information. While a cause of death has still not been determined, it has been reported that the jail was aware that Mr. Robinson was having medical issues at 6am,┬ábut he was not able to see a doctor until 9am. Mr. Robinson was ultimately found dead in his cell at 11am. In response to his death, the Lake County Jail’s chief has been demoted, and two correctional officers were put on administrative leave.

Mr. Robinson’s mother had this to say about her son’s death: “Edward was a beautiful person who had a diagnosed mental illness and he needed treatment. He did not need to be in jail, he needed to be in a hospital. Instead, the Sheriff’s department locked him up like an animal. When he was in distress, they ignored him as he lay dying in a cell. The Sheriff’s deputies and medical personnel that ignored Edward should be fired for doing nothing to help him when he was clearly in need and dying while in their custody.”

The Chicago Community Bond Fund stands in solidarity with Mr. Robinson’s family. We commit to working toward a world in which no one is caged in Illinois county jails because their medical needs have been criminalized.

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