All of Lee’s Charges Have Been Dropped!

Yesterday, all criminal charges against Lee Dewey were dropped and their case was resolved as a non-criminal violation of a municipal ordinance!!!! This is a fantastic result, and it is also highly unusual. We were proud to have played a role in this outcome by paying Lee’s $10,000 bond within an hour of when it was set, preventing them from ever being processed into Cook County Jail! Buying Lee’s pretrial freedom allowed them the chance to fight these wrongful charges and ensure their dismissal.

Joey Mogul, Lee & Brad Thomson

“‘We are delighted that Lee is now able to return to their life without the threat of prison hanging over their head. While Lee should not have had to endure any prosecution at all, this resolution of a felony criminal case is uniquely positive and was only made possible because of the strength of Lee’s community, including the defense committee, legal team, and supporters. Above all, Lee’s bravery in fighting this case and demanding dismissal of all criminal charges was the core ingredient in this successful outcome,’ said Sharlyn Grace, co-Executive Director of the Chicago Community Bond Fund and member of Lee Dewey’s defense committee.”

Congrats to Lee, their attorneys at People’s Law Office, and the entire Defense Committee!

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