2017 Year-End Report

Download our 2017 Year-End Report

Thanks to the powerful & growing movement to #EndMoneyBail, there are 1,500 fewer people in Cook County Jail today than there were just 3 months ago. We have a long way to go, but we will get there together and with your help.

2017 has been a busy year for CCBF and the struggle to end pretrial incarceration in Cook County. With your support, we posted over $250,000 in bonds in 2017, freeing 59 people from Cook County Jail or house arrest with electronic monitoring. We participated in 25 educational events, spoke with more than 1,000 organizers, advocates and students about the harms of pretrial incarceration and were featured in 35 local and national media reports. We also published an original report on punitive pretrial conditions, available here.

We remain committed to continue fighting until no one is locked up in Cook County Jail simply because they can’t afford to pay bond. If you’d like to support our work to free more people in 2018, you can do so atchicagobond.org/donate!

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