#NoCopAcademy Campaign Launch

This week, we joined Assata’s Daughters, For the People Artists Collective, Organized Communities Against Deportations, People’s Response Team and more to launch the #NoCopAcademycampaign. The campaign aims to stop Rahm Emanuel’s plan to spend $95 million on a new police & fire training academy in Garfield Park. 

In the last few years, Rahm Emanuel has repeatedly put this cities most vital resources on the chopping block in the name of saving money. Under Rahm Emanuel, the city of Chicago has lost 50 public schools and half of the cities mental health clinics. 

We are proud to join this diverse coalition to say: No Cop Academy! The city of Chicago already spends over $1.5 billion on police every year-that’s $4 million dollars per day. We need to be funding communities, not police.

Read More: https://nocopacademy.wordpress.com/

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