CCBF Opposes SB1980 with Letter to the Editor

We are happy to share with you CCBF’s first ever letter to the editor! Please read and share this short response to recent Tribune articles supporting legislation that will actually increase pretrial incarceration in Illinois. Click here to read it!

The fight to end money bond is about more than removing money from the equation–it’s about keeping people out of cages. Any initiatives that seek to take away money bond and incarcerate more people pretrial must be opposed.

“Bond hearings in Cook County generally last less than two minutes and are often as short as 30 seconds. No meaningful determination is made in that time. We are currently incarcerating thousands of people who are presumed innocent based on less than a minute’s worth of information, and state Sen. Bill Cunningham wants us to incarcerate even more.”

Tell your house representative that you oppose SB 1980 today! Find your state rep at:

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