CCBF Pays Bail for Ivan

On March 2nd of this year, the Chicago Community Bond Fund posted $5,000 in bond to free Ivan from Cook County Jail. Posting Ivan’s bond allowed him to reunite with his three children, who range in age from six to nine. Ivan, 34, was incarcerated in Cook County Jail for a year and a half simply because he couldn’t afford bond.

Ivan was arrested in September of 2015 and charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery. At the time, he was living with his three children and earning money fixing cars with his father. Without ever being convicted of a crime and only because he lacked $5,000, Ivan was uprooted from his life, separated from his family, and locked up in jail for almost 18 months.

Ivan’s wife was also charged for reasons related to the same incident, and she is currently on house arrest. During Ivan’s incarceration, his three children lived with his sister. Ivan was extremely distressed about being forcibly separated from his children for so long and very concerned for their well-being.

Since his release, Ivan has focused on spending time with his family, helping his father fix cars, and working in a church. No one should have to spend a year and a half in jail simply because they lack the financial resources to post bond. Your donations helped Ivan get back to his family. Thank you.

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