CCBF Featured on Shadowproof

Read part one of a new story about CCBF’s work from Shadowproof:
“The most effective prisoner solidarity efforts work to address the immediate harm of incarceration while fighting to reduce the number of people in the system at the same time. The Chicago Community Bond Fund (CCBF) is an example of a local organization attempting to do both.

The bond fund cultivates relationships with the people it bonds out. The organization provides a wide spectrum of support based on that person’s individual needs and situation. It provides training and a platform for those who are willing to tell their stories, etching a human face on the harm and prejudice of cash bond to demand public recognition of the need not to reform, but to abolish it entirely.

Suchan and the bond fund have cultivated a close relationship with Flonard and Dovie, and they often share meals. Suchan said the bond fund is a vehicle for relationship building and organizing, ‘which enriches all of our lives and makes our world stronger.’

‘I feel accountable to the people I work with. I would be appalled by a world that would put Flo in a cage.'”

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