Happy New Year!

On New Year’s Eve, more than 250 people made donations to us for #FreeThePeople Day. Collectively, you raised more than $35,000 to free people from Cook County Jail who are incarcerated pretrial because they can’t afford to pay a money bond! Other bail funds around the country are similarly going to be freeing more people in 2018 thanks to the generosity of so many people:

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund: $74,122
Immigrant Bail Fund: $4,312
Connecticut Bail Fund: $2,127
Philly Community Bail Fund: $7,433
The Bronx Freedom Fund: $21,733
Massachusetts Bail Fund: $26,060
Richmond Community Bail Fund: $13,000

That’s more than $180,000 in donations in one day to get people out of cages now, while we continue the fight to #EndMoneyBail. Thank you & Happy New Year!

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