Mixtape Benefits CCBF

We’re so grateful to Adele and all of the other musicians who submitted tracks to this mix tape that benefits CCBF! There are many, many ways to resist Trump and everything he stands for, and we, too, believe that getting people out of jail is one way to do that.

This project has another connection, too: One of the largest protest support efforts we have undertaken was around Trump’s planned Chicago campaign rally in March of this year. Support from all around the country ensured that everyone arrested while shutting down that rally was bonded out right away. More than 1,500 people donated to support Chicagoans protesting Trump, raising more than $50,000. After $10,000 of that was used to bond out protesters from that day, the rest became part of our revolving fund to get other people out of Cook County Jail. Click here for more information about that effort.

Read more about “Down in the Trumps” in the Chicago Reader!

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