CCBF Pays Bail for BLM Protester

We are so happy to have been able to post bond for Isaiah last night! Isaiah was incredibly moved that Chicago SQUAD and other members of the #BlackLivesMatter community immediately jumped into action and started fundraising so he wouldn’t have to stay in jail. Isaiah was out on a non-monetary bond from an earlier misdemeanor case resulting from a BLM protest. That bond was revoked by a judge Thursday morning when he accidentally went to the wrong courtroom and was then an hour late arriving to court.

The judge set a new, $25,000 D-Bond, meaning Isaiah needed to post $2,500 to get out of Cook County Jail. Isaiah’s community raised almost exactly half that amount, and CCBF posted the other half. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Isaiah’s funds or to our general revolving bond fund. It’s crucial that we have each others’ backs!

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