Thank You for Helping Free Louie and Ja’Mal

We apologize for the delayed accounting of our last specific fundraising effort in support of the #BlackLivesMatter protesters arrested on Saturday, July 9th. We have now updated the fundraising page with a full review of the amount raised and its uses in order to maintain transparency and accountability to the movement, our supporters, and the broader community.

In total, over 650 people donated a total of $27,333.00 to CCBF to help free Louie and Ja’Mal.

On Monday, July 11th, CCBF posted Louie’s $10,000 bond using donated funds, and he avoided ever being processed into Cook County Jail. On Tuesday, July 12th, after just over 24 hours in jail, Ja’Mal’s bond was posted using $20,210.00 raised through Ja’Mal’s family and support network and $15,535.00 raised through CCBF.

As always, the vast majority of the $25,535.00 posted for Louie and Ja’Mal will eventually return to CCBF’s revolving fund at the conclusion of Ja’Mal’s case and will then be available to assist others in the future. Your donations enabled both Louie and Ja’Mal to get out and home to their families so quickly. Thank you.

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