CCBF Hosts Event with the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Last week, we had the exciting opportunity to host the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund in Chicago for two days. During their whirlwind visit, we collaborated to hold two events highlighting the harms of monetary bond, the role of bond funds, and how we can work to #endcashbail.

In addition to the two community events, we were able to sit down together and discuss bond fund operations, compare notes on state laws and local courtroom policy, and talk through nuanced advocacy points. Our members are feeling energized and supported following these conversations with BCBF’s Executive Director and Director of Operations.

We look forward to working with BCBF in the future as we fight to end money bond in its entirety in New York, Illinois, and across the nation. Special thanks is due to Woods Fund Chicago for providing us with this opportunity to learn from each other.

You can read more about BCBF’s work on their website:

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